Mr. + Mrs. Artful Homemaker

Homestead Executives

This is the life we have built, so this must be the place.

Homestead Girl

Project Manager

The first boss, after the 2nd and 3rd bosses.

Homestead Boy

Demolition Manager

Wrecks things when they need wrecking. Also, wants to use the axe really badly.

D'Frank Palma

The Muscle

Friendly and goofy, until Phoebe says otherwise, then look out!


The Brains

The scariest homestead hound, though you'd never know it by looking at her.

Kam Chancellor

Homestead Cat

Fierce mouser, and pest control for the grounds.


Cock of the Walk

Fierce defender of the fluffy butt hut.


Queen B

Lead hen of the flock. She's sassy and fabulous!


Production Manager

Has laid all of our largest eggs, and our only double yolk egg! Sweet and efficient are her middle names.


Feather Eater

She likes to eat feathers. Not sure what's up with that.


Meekest of them all

Cadence is a sweet Easter Egger, lays blue eggs, and is pretty mild mannered and skittish.


Queen of the mountain

Always looking for higher ground. Lays green eggs.

Lady Bird

Loves Cuddles and Pets

Gentle and loves to get some pets.


Rooster's Assistant

Always making sure the boss is looking good by cleaning his face and waddles.

Dino Dana


Likes to hang back and observe, dislikes confrontation.