Painting the Front Door

To learn more about the project, goal dates, the updates and progress photos, click the link icon below.

Creating a Pathway

We need to rototill and relay the pathway stones from the back deck to the front porch.

Fixing Bathroom Ceiling

We had a leak in the bathroom and the ceiling is looking terrible!

Repair Stucco

We have some cracks and compromised areas on our stucco walls which need attention.

Painting the Living Room

Updating the look of the living room by painting it a cool carribean mist color and redecorating.

Revamping the Chunnel

It has come time to update the chicken tunnel that goes from the coop to the run.

Our Focus

With such a range of attention grabbin distractions, we have to choose how we focus our time and prioritize goals accordingly. Not to say we always succeed at avoiding mindless distractions (ahem, Words With Friends) but we at least set some goals so that when we get off track we can hop right back on again.

Attention Goals

This is the ideal breakdown of where we would like to see our attention focused around the homestead. Each category gets all of our attention for the time we are focused on it

Animal + Family Care 30%
Homeschool 20%
DIY Projects 10%
Careers 30%
Misc + Free Time 10%