The Artful Homestead Mission

We are a small family, with a small plot of land in a downtown area of a city in the PNW. We are learning how to:

  • Create a food forest in our humble space.
  • Work side by side with nature to bring life and joy to our community.
  • Be just a little more self-sufficient than we were before.

This homestead is all about maximizing the potential of what we have to work with, and teaching our children sustainable living and small space farming practices in the city. Today we live in a world that relies heavily on industry and big box companies, and that's not to say those things don't have their place, but in the face of unforseen hardships it sure is nice to have an edible landscape and some real world survival knowledge to lean on! Follow along on our journey as we create artful living spaces, try some crafty home improvement ideas, and learn more helpful urban homesteading tips from the pros!

A Few of My Favorite Things

Below you can find my favorite websites for homesteading, chicken keeping blogs, favorite shops and feed mills, as well as pet hospitals for domestic animals, and a really awesome working ranch resort. Take a look and support some good businesses and family friendly farmers!